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Safer Internet Parent sessions

A programme to support parent in protecting their children from becoming involved in cyber crime.

Cyber Choices is a programme that supports those people at risk of committing computer misuse offences, such as hacking. These risks are far more real than most people recognise, with around 1 in 4 young people admitting to committing low-harm cybercrimes, perhaps without even realising what they were doing was illegal. Ideally suited to parents/carers of children in Year 3 (age 7) and above, all the way up to college, university and beyond. The session will help parents and carers to understand: what computer misuse is what the risks to young people are recognise some of the indicators that young people may be involved in committing cybercrimes how the Cyber Choices programme supports at-risk individuals.


Available webinar dates and to book your place:

27 February, 10am - Registration:

28 February, 8pm - Registration:

4 March, 11am - Registration: 4

 4 March, 8pm - Registration: