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Frequently Asked Questions

School opening hours

At 8:40 children will be met by staff at their allocated gate and can make their way in to class where teachers will be waiting. The school day finishes at 15:15. The school is open for a total of 32.5 hours.

What happens at the end of the day?

Children are supervised by their teacher to their respective exit doors and leave the school to meet parents or carers outside.  If children, usually from Year 5 onwards,  have agreed to meet their parents outside the school grounds then the children can leave independently,  however children are constantly reminded to return to the school reception or exit door if they are not met at the expected time or if they know their parents are going to be late on a particular occasion.  If your child is allowed to walk home, a letter from a parent confirming this is required.

How do I know that my child is safe in school?

All visitors are signposted to the Main Office and are signed in. The school is “locked down” during school hours and entry is via the main reception door security system. Children are fully supervised during playtimes. Teaching and support staff are on duty before school and during morning and lunch play.  A team of experienced Supervisory Assistants are responsible for the children both inside and outside on the playground at lunchtimes.

What happens if my child is ill? 

We ask that parents notify the school on the first morning of the child’s absence before 9.15 am and each further day they are off. A message can be left on the school answer phone if office staff are not available or sent by e-mail to or alternatively a message via Parent Mail. 

Does my child need to bring a coat to School?

We understand that some children run around greatly and can get too hot in a thick coat, but they do need some form of protection from the weather (including coming to and leaving school); even a simple pac-a-mac tucked away in a rucksack will suffice.

Can my child give out birthday treats to their class?

We have some parents asking whether their child can bring birthday cakes and treats to school to share; this comes up every year. Without wishing to be kill-joys, due to the children in the school with severe allergies it isn’t something we can openly do. However, families are more than welcome to provide fun-size individually wrapped plain sweets (e.g. ‘Haribo’) to share at the end of the day if they wish as this is much easier for us to control. 

When is the best time to speak to my child’s teacher?

If you have any concerns you are always welcome to speak to the class teacher at a mutually convenient time. Please try to avoid right before the school day starts as teachers prepare for the day.  Please speak to the office and they will try to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to meet.

Are there INSET days planned?

Please check    School Calendar   for the latest information.

Can my child bring a snack for morning break?

Lunch boxes must not contain nuts or nut products as, you will be aware, even the trace of nuts left on a table might set off a child’s allergic reaction. Snacks for playtime should be unprocessed fruit or vegetables, as if picked from the plant – otherwise, it just gets unnecessarily complicated!

Is water available at school?

Children can bring water to school, in a named bottle, which they can access throughout the school day. 

What meal options are available at lunchtime?

Children may choose either a meat or a vegetarian option from the lunch menu or alternatively a Jacket Potato. Children in Years 3-6 should pay for their school dinners on the day or in advance of ordering. Choices are made daily in class. Current lunch menus are available by clicking Click Here .  Children may also bring their own packed lunch. Again we would encourage a well balanced, healthy lunch. Water is given out during lunchtime.